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ATLAS is an innovative, new Learning Support management solution from Midas Systems

"We have been involved in the ATLAS project right from the start and have seen it evolve and develop into an invaluable tool, putting us firmly in control of our ALS data. The support team at Midas are very responsive and knowledgeable, and are always quick to sort out any issues we might have. "
Berkshire College of Agriculture

"I did think that the new program was a lot easier to understand, but I also have to say that even if it wasn’t, the help that we get when we contact you is phenomenal. I can honestly say your people are probably the best customer service I have ever encountered."
Bromley College

"From an IT perspective, we’ve found ATLAS is a pleasure to install and upgrade, the automatic update mechanism has so far saved hours compared to some of our other MIS packages."
Runshaw College

"In a world of modern chaos it’s such a pleasure to have a system which works so well and to top it, alongside the system, a fantastic partnership with your staff who I have always found to go the extra mile."
City of Wolverhampton College


ATLAS is our web-based system for planning, tracking and monitoring all types of support. Whether you support 5 or 5000 students, ATLAS provides an holistic approach to managing additional support and enhances the way in which information is recorded and shared.

Who is it for?

ATLAS is suitable for any FE institution providing additional support that needs to track, monitor and report on:

  • Assessments
  • Support Plans
  • Support Provision
  • Effectiveness
  • Outcomes
  • Progression
  • Budgets
  • Agency Funding

We use SpirALS. What's new?

ATLAS retains all of the important SpirALS features our users rely on but comes with significant improvements and benefits such as:

  • Yearly comparisons
  • Managed access college wide
  • Gather meaningful evidence at the point of provision
  • Highly configurable reports and dashboards
  • Powerful support scheduling tools
  • Responsive, intuitive navigation

What's under the hood?

ATLAS has been developed using cutting edge technology providing a wealth of benefits:

  • MS SQL Server stores your data securely and robustly
  • Painless integration with your other systems
  • Responsive, web-based interfaces for desktop and mobile devices
  • One installation for your entire user base
  • Scalable system high capacity data storage

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What our clients say

Starting my new role at LSEC’s Orpington Campus part way through the academic year, it was essential that I 'hit the ground running' and pick up the skills to be effective in the job as quickly as possible. Atlas software was completely new to me and learning how to use it to its full capacity was a daunting task. However, the support I received from the staff at Midas was exemplary and I felt encouraged, at every step in the learning process, to contact support staff for guidance and help. Atlas helps us to gather and organise key information and is essential to the accurate recording of data in our organisation.

It's a very useful tool for keeping track of the support provided to students and recording accurate costs for this support. The reports feature is really useful and I have used this a lot for various data requests. The reports are well designed and have a professional look.
Crawley College (formerly Central Sussex College)

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The best thing about Atlas is the interface, which is intuitive and responds in the way anyone used to other web based applications would expect.
South & City College Birmingham

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I found myself being able to quite effortlessly, navigate, utilise and operate the intricacies of system with ease.
City of Wolverhampton

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The customer service and support from Midas has been brilliant. There is always someone available to answer questions and provide support. This, along with Atlas, has made ALS recording much easier.”
Newcastle College

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I have always been happy with the response to any queries I have had.
Berkshire College of Agriculture

“ ”

The staff at Midas Systems are always very courteous and helpful.
Brooksby Melton College

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We have always found that whenever we have needed help and advice there is someone to ask and this in turns makes our jobs much easier to complete.

Sussex Downs College

“ ”

I have on every occasion had superb service without exception. Great Customer Service from staff and managers alike.
Heart of Worcestershire College

“ ”

I couldn't ask for better support in all the years I have been with you!
Marple Sixth Form College

“ ”

It is not possible to improve the support I received. I am very happy with it.
Brooksby Melton

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Who are Midas Systems?

Renowned for our outstanding customer service and expertise, Midas Systems has been the leading supplier of Learning Support management solutions for over 20 years. Visit our main site at

Mark Trinick

Managing Director

Mark has extensive experience of teaching, learning and support services. Under his leadership, the IT team brings a unique set of compatible systems and tools that demonstrate their commitment to the value and importance of learning support.

Holly Newton

Director of Operations

Holly and her team provide friendly support and comprehensive training from implementation to mastering in-depth analysis of your support information.

How to contact us

Our team is based in South East London. If you would like to contact us about ATLAS or any other of our existing products and services please send us a message using the form below or contact us at any time using the details below.

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